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The Hare PCL-R Training Program

Formal two and three day PCL-R/PCL:SV training workshops have been developed and are presented by R. D. Hare and A. E. Forth under the auspices of Darkstone Research. Typically, these workshops are sponsored by professional organizations, or governmental agencies. At present, the only other workshops accredited by Darkstone are those presented by:

  • Dr. Nicola Gray with Graystone Training
  • Dr. Anna Salter for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • a select group of trainers for Her Majesty's Prison Service, United Kingdom (contact Gill Attrill for information on HMP accredited trainers)
  • Dr. James Ogloff in Australia
  • Dr. Chad Brinkley for the Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Dr. Kent Kiehl
  • Dr. J. Reid Meloy
  • Dr. Stefano Ciulla
  • Elizabeth Leon Mayer, MD, PhD, Faculty Member, Coordinator of the Master Program of Forensic Mental Health of the National University of La Plata, Argentina
  • Jorge Oscar Folino, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the Master Program of Forensic Mental Health, National University of La Plata, Argentina
  • Andreas Mokros, PhD.
  • Matt Logan, Ph.D., HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists
  • Dr. Bob Snowden, University of Wales, and
  • Dr. Guy Beker, Israel

Intensive PCL-R Training Workshops will:

  • provide an overview of theory and research on psychopathy, its measurement, and implications;
  • discuss the uses and potential misuses of the PCL-R; and
  • train participants to administer, score, and interpret the PCL-R


The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) is widely accepted as the most reliable and valid method for assessing psychopathy. The PCL-R method uses interview and collateral (e.g., file) information to score 20 items that measure the interpersonal, affective, and social deviance/lifestyle components of psychopathy. The PCL-R was designed to measure the construct of psychopathy, but because psychopathy is related to general, violent, and sexual reoffending, the PCL-R increasingly finds use in dangerous offender, sexual predator, and civil commitment proceedings and as an important factor in the assessment of risk in a variety of forensic populations. It also is used as an aid in the determination of sentencing options, treatment suitability, and institutional placements. The widespread use of the PCL-R for making decisions that potentially have a great impact on individuals and on society makes it imperative that the instrument be administered only by qualified clinicians and researchers, and in accordance with accepted professional and ethical standards.

The aims of the Workshop are to (1) provide an overview of theory and research on psychopathy, its measurement, and its implications for the mental health and criminal justice systems; (2) discuss the uses and potential misuses of the PCL-R; and (3) provide participants with training and practice in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the PCL-R.

Participants who complete the Workshop will receive a document of attendance.

Upcoming PCL-R / PCL:YV Workshops